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VLSI Systems Design (VSD) laboratory's members


The VLSI Systems Design (VSD) laboratory has currently 22 members including: 7 faculty members (one is doing PhD oversea), 3 PhD student, 3 Master students, and 8 undergraduate students. In addition, VSD laboratory has supports from a scientific advising board of 3 experts (include Dr. Vivet from the CEA-LETI, MINATEC, France) and the laboratory also has many associated members from other universities/ industries/ R&D centers.

The main research interests of the VSD laboratory included: VLSI circuits/systems design for multimedia applications; design and test of systems-on-chip; networks-on-chip; EDA tools development for new system models.

I. Advising board

  1. Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Ngoc Binh
  2. Assoc. Prof. TRAN Quang Vinh
  3. Dr. Pascal Vivet (CEA-LETI, MINATEC)

II. VSD laboratory's members

  1. Assoc. Prof. TRAN Xuan Tu, Head
  2. Assoc. Prof. NGO Dien Tap, faculty member
  3. MSc. NGUYEN Kiem Hung, Research Engineer (doing PhD oversea)
  4. TRAN Van Huan, Research Engineer
  5. NGUYEN Van Mien, Research Engineer
  6. MSc. BUI Duy Hieu, Research Engineer
  7. MSc. NGUYEN Ngoc Mai, Research Engineer, PhD student
  8. MSc. LE VAN Thanh Vu, PhD student
  9. MSc. PHAN Hai Phong, PhD student
  10. NGUYEN Viet Thang, Master student
  11. PHAM Thi Hue, Master student
  12. DANG Nam Khanh, Master student
  13. NGUYEN The Tuyen, undergraduate student
  14. NGUYEN Ngoc Hoang, undergraduate student
  15. BUI Ngoc Huy, undergraduate student
  16. DO The Tan, undergraduate student
  17. BUI Quoc Long, undergraduate student
  18. DUONG Van Diep, undergraduate student
  19. DOAN Xuan Hoan, undergraduate student
  20. TA Thi Huong, undergraduate student
  21. NGUYEN Thi Linh, undergraduate student
  22. NGUYEN Thi Thuy, undergraduate student

III. Associated members

  1. Dr. PHAM Phi Hung
  2. Dr. LE Quang Minh
  3. MSc. VU Quang Dung

* Last update 21/5/2012.

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