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[CANCELLED] 14h - 17h ngày 14 tháng 12 năm 2017, SISLAB sẽ tổ chức xê-mi-na nhân dịp kỷ niệm 1 năm ra mắt với bài giảng (IEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecture) do Edith Beigne - chuyên gia hàng đầu của CEA-LETI, Cộng hoà Pháp trình bày.

Tiêu đề: Flexible platform for IoT applications: how to efficiently partition a system between wake-up and computing

Abstract: The Internet of Things is expected to comprise billions of connected devices, many of which will be wireless sensor nodes (WSN) communicating through a network. Energy management and versatility are key issues for those objects are they are, most of the time, autonomous while handling many different applications requiring different performances. To cope with, we propose, in this talk, a flexible platform architecture suitable for simple wake-up applications as well as more computing demanding applications. It is thus possible to achieve either ultra low-power with an Always-Responsive system or low power with an On-Demand system related to applicative constraints. The Always-Responsive system is based on many wake-up sources and a specific IT controller collecting wake-up information from: RF, sensors, harvesting or timer. A soon as enough energy is available and if the application requires it, the On-Demand system is woken-up with a main micro-controller or CPU and specific co-processors for cryptography, data fusion, etc. Flexibility is also brought to this platform by many adaptive analog and digital building blocks globally optimized for high energy efficiency and potentially degraded in case of low energy availability


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SISLAB hosts an IEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecture by Edith Beigne from CEA-LETI, France